Hi, I'm Alan


I'm originally from New Jersey, but spent most of my life growing up in Brookfield, WI. I am married to my beautiful wife for 4 years with 2 children. We recently moved to Muskego after  briefly residing in Hales Corners and Illinois.


I consider myself highly educated, having a Masters in Marketing from Bellevue University and a Bachelors in Information Technology from Marian University in Wisconsin. I am currently pursuing a PhD in Leadership from Southeastern University. I understand that education comes at price and understand the burden that student loans place on pursuing further education.

I started working at 14 years of age and have been employed ever since. I believe there value is working your way through the tough jobs to progress. Along those lines, I believe in the Entrepreneurial spirit and the challenges associated with being a small business owner. At 21, I took over a family remodeling business and worked and lived through the challenges we face in uncertain times.


Advancing with Agreements

I am a strong believer of not being too far on either side of the political spectrum. In order to advance as a society, we need to find a way to agree. Most of my views on topics involve finding agreement with both parties. All representatives must understand that there are certain basic needs of our society that must be met in order to uphold the standards we have come to know and live by.

We need to advance as a society while not forgetting those who make up all of the pieces of it. We all experience different lives, different tragedies, different opportunities and it's how those things affect who we are that affect the community that we live in.



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